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OverTheWire Bandit FULL Walkthrough


This is the full collection of my detailed OverTheWire Bandit walkthroughs. Each Level is described in a separate article. As an overall structure each walkthrough has the following structure:

  1. Login Information
  2. Task
  3. Theory
  4. Solution

My thought behind this was that I will not just give the solution but also give a short explanation of important concepts and the solution. However, there is always a lot more to learn. What the game and I would encourage you to do, is to do more research on your own.


Level 0 - SSH Login.
Level 1 - Read a File.
Level 2 - Unusually named Files.
Level 3 - Spaces in a filename.
Level 4 - Hidden Files.
Level 5 - File types, specifically human-readable files.
Level 6 - Human-readable files, file sizes and non-executable files.
Level 7 - Find a file with specific user and group ownership.
Level 8 - Learning grep and piping.
Level 9 - Linux command uniq and sort, to find lines only appearing once.
Level 10 - The ‘strings’ command. Find human-readable strings in a file.
Level 11 - Base64.
Level 12 - Rot13 substitution cipher as Linux command with ’tr’.
Level 13 - Hexdumps and compression and file signatures.
Level 14 - SSH Login with key and transferring files from a remote host.
Level 15 - Netcat and first network communication.
Level 16 - OpenSSL, secure communication.
Level 17 - Port and Service Scanning with Nmap and SSL repetition.
Level 18 - Find differences in a file.
Level 19 - Advanced SSH, remote command execution.
Level 20 - Suid and linux permissions.
Level 21 - Setuid binary, netcat and background processes/jobs.
Level 22 - Cronjobs.
Level 23 - Cronjobs.
Level 24 - Cronjobs and bash scripting.
Level 25 - Brute-forcing with bash scripting and netcat.
Level 26 - Breaking out of a restricted environment with more and vim.
Level 27 - Breaking out of a restricted environment with more and vim and SUID Binary.
Level 28 - Git introduction and basics.
Level 29 - Git history.
Level 30 - Git Branching Basics.
Level 31 - Git Tagging.
Level 32 - Git Push, Commit, Ignore, Add.
Level 33 - Linux Variables and shell escape.


This is a very nice start to Linux, Security and Git. It teaches the basic concepts and commands that are very helpful to know and understand when wanting to work further with Linux and the Command Line.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me if the walkthroughs were helpful for you. I also welcome constructive criticism. If you want to know more, give me feedback or not miss any new posts then check out my Twitter.

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