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Integrate Comments in SSG Hugo

I now have been writing articles for a while and I really enjoy it. However, even though I mostly write for myself, I found writing posts very one-sided. I had no good way to get feedback. Therefore I wanted to add a comments feature.


While researching, I found a few possibilities. Disqus for example, seems to be very popular. But I had specific wishes:

  • I was looking for something that should be easy to implement.
  • It should work with static site generators like Hugo since I didn’t want to recreate the website.
  • Since I am a student and this is only a hobby without any income, I looked for a free option.


After some searching, I found utterances -

  • It works on GitHub issues. This means, however, that users need a GitHub account. Since my articles are on the topic of Computer Science, I did not see this as a downside. I assume most people interested in topics of Computer Science have a GitHub account and if not, it is free to set one up. Additionally, the necessity of an account allows for small security. I hope it limits potential spam posting.
  • Utterances is very easy to set up you only need to create a public git repository install utterances on it and add a small scripts tag in the appropriate part of your websites code. The website has a good setup guide.
  • It is free, even open source.
  • Also, it is lightweight and secure.


Setting up utterances was very fast and easy. It fit perfectly on my site.

Now it is just time to wait and see how you find it. Feel free to leave a comment and give feedback on how you like my blog and this solution for integration comments.

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